10 things we believe at the digital zu
The blueprint of any sucessful company is heavily rooted in its beliefs, opinions, vision and attitude. A company shouldn't just be a company. It should create a feeling or emotion. Something that your customers relate and connect with. Take a look at some of our beliefs below. We know you'll like the way we do business.
Pixel Perfect Perfectionists
We ensure that every pixel is exactly where we designed it to be across all browers.
We really, really love what we do
We work ten to twelve hours almost everyday. Yeah. We love our jobs.
we understand every client has different needs
What do you want your website to do for your company? Any good developer should always ask.
There is nothing we can’t do
Branding. Designing. Developing. We have every angle of the web covered. So what do you need?
Your website is a reflection of you
Image is everything. So what does your site say about your company?
Our Clients Love Us
We go the extra mile to make sure our clients are ecstatic about their project.
Proven Track Record
We have worked for all types of businesses. From celebrities to fashion designers, what's more is we continually exceed their demanding standards.
On the cutting edge
We constantly research and implement the newest web trends and developments.
We talk how you talk.
We won't use web jargon that you've never heard of. You'll understand us clear as day.
Affiliated with the best.
DigitalZu has connections to experts throughout the creative industry.

Net Knowledge

Our method to the madness.

After three years of Creative Advertising at Centennial College wrapped up with two years of Art + Design Foundations, over 5 years of intense Photoshop sessions and three years of strong XHTML and CSS coding you get one very well balanced web developer. When we build your website we take advantage of our creative copywriting skills, consumer psychology input, and proven color theories. You get way more than just a web developer and a designer. You get an online Creative Director. Let digitalZu give your brand a bold online presence.

The digitalZu Guarantee

We mean what we say and say what we mean.

DigitalZu is dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our clients and the responsiblity that comes with building a visual representation of their company. We strive to know our client and their business giving us the inside information and finer details of what they're really all about. The finer details of web development are always an essential part of the digitalZu creative building process which allows us to ensure that high quality websites are consistently built. Our proof is in the Zu, take a look at some of our previous projects in the digitalZu portfolio.

You're On A Need To Know Basis

And you definitely need to know.

Getting a website should be any legitimate business' second priority after getting a logo. With Google's website index of over 8 billion pages and 1 billion users online worldwide right now, the internet is an opportunity no company or individual can afford to miss. Watch a great video of internet facts on YouTube. Explore the DigitalZu and see how we've helped numerous clients attain presence and visibility on the worldwide web.

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